Que Syrah Syrah!

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Syrah & Shiraz are both made from the Syrah grape however only Australia calls it Shiraz

Syrah and Shiraz are essentially different styles of the same thing, Some people think they are the same but I really don't agree! 

A wine-loving friend that the difference between Shiraz & Syrah is that Shiraz is like a fling you're a little bit embarrassed you had looking back but Syrah is the guy you bring home to meet your parents - haha. Shiraz is a big, bold it knows what it's doing & you get what you want from it but Syrah is softer, gentler & to be savoured & respected :)

Syrah is one of the darkest red wines on the market, it's almost opaque! It's medium to full-bodied with medium and you can smell berries, mint and black pepper even tobacco sometimes.

In New Zealand most of our Syrah comes from the Hawkes Bay –  Syrah loves a hot climate! Within the Hawkes Bay there is a super special region called The Gimblett Gravels – GG is an absolute mark of quality, it is only 800 hectares of land and there is a strict criteria linked to the soil & 95% of the grapes have to be from the GG area to be labelled as a "Gimblett Gravels" Wine. 

My favourite Syrahs are: 


Trinity Hill Syrah 2016 comes from the Hawkes Bay & this wine comes from the same vineyard & winemaker as the Trinity Hill Homage Syrah - arguably the best Syrah in Australasia & at a price point of $130! So you can get a taste of the same genius but at a fraction of the price (available supermarket for$19.99).

Squawking Magpie – The Gravels Syrah 2014. This is an amazing Hawkes Bay Boutique label and this wine is from the Gimblett Gravels - this wine is dark and inky - delicious!  Peppery, Dark berry fruits - YUM! THis wine is about $29.99 but you can get it on special for $26.99 from Farro

Te Whare Ra 2015 Syrah is an amazing winery run by a couple & Anna (wife obviously) not only runs an organic, vegan, biodynamic winery but also is Mamma to not one but TWO sets of twins! Busy lady! The winery has an amazing family dynamic & is certified organic. This is the treat yourself wine but the story as to why it is special is compelling. Also NOT Hawkes Bay. $49.99

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