Wine and Chocolate Matching - Oh-Em-Gee!!


We’re all pretty busy, however last weekend I had a moment where I found myself blissfully alone. You know the partner, no kids, no flatmates, no one demanding your time, no-one asking you to do anything so you can do whatever you want (or nothing) you can watch whatever you want on TV (as awful a choice as that may be :))

I decided - this is a wine and chocolate moment & so I'm sharing some of my recommendations - all of the wines I've chosen are available at supermarket so that you can pick them up and then go to the chocolate aisle and you're set to head home, lock the front door and enjoy blissful solitude! 

Ara Single Estate Pinot Noir 2015  & Lindt Creation Divine Hazelnut. This combo is divine as the subtle nuttiness in the chocolate matches the fruit forwardness of this light Marlborough Pinot and the praline centre goes with the smoothness of the wine. This wine is $25, however, you'll get it on promo for $22. Perfect for red wine and milk chocolate lovers.                     

Bubbles & chocolate is a beloved combo but did you know that because of the sweetness of the chocolate you should choose a sweeter bubbles & a white chocolate. I recommend Daniel Le Brun Methode Traditionalle Rose & Whittakers Hakes Bay Braeburn Apple with Vanilla. This Rose bubbles has an amazingly delicate and smooth mouthfeel and the strawberry aromas in the wine match so beautifully with the vanilla in the chocolate. Not an expensive Rose bubbles at $26 or promo price $24. Combine this with the cost of the chocolate & you have a luxurious experience for less than $30.....I hear bubble baths running all over NZ!


For those who prefer bigger styles of both wine and chocolate, my choice is the Church Road "McDonald Series" Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 with the Cadbury Cadbury Coco Sea Salt & Pecan. Dark chocolate & deep dark wines are a personal fav of mine. Sea salt chocolate is generally sublime with wine (or coffee coincidentally). These two are a match made in heaven & one thing I really have to call out about this wine is the bottle, having recently celebrated 120 years of winemaking at Church Road have released 5 limited edition wraps for the “McDonald” Series to share some of our best historical moments. Celebrating Tom McDonald, widely revered as the father of French winemaking in New Zealand. The bottle is wrapped in an old image of Tom McDonald in a barrel hall. Truly a striking & beautiful image of a very important man in NZ winemaking. Don't worry the wine tastes amazing too, its deep & delicious & can easily stand up to (and compliment) the grunty 70% cocoa level of the Cadbury Chocolate. This wine is about $28 or $25 on promotion. 

So much fun matching wine and chocolate - no idea how I'm ever gonna top this one! Well, I'm most certainly going to try! 

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