Rosé 2.0 for 2018


Wow - Rose is such a juggernaut and it is not showing any sign of slowing down. It's next to impossible to pick one off the shelf so the lovely peeps at SipNZ are making it a little bit easier with their Rosé  Directory, they have taken 42 wines from 10 regions covering different styles, sweetness & prices and put them all into a database, all you have to do is go to put in your preferences and bam - a Rosé recommendation - I love it. 

Rosé Day is Feb 5th so if you're keen to have a bit of fun and find out what you're Rosé personality is you are you can take the Rosé personality test (I'm the socialite - haha), the thing that made me most happy about this is it actually did recommend for me one of my all time fav Rosés - "Isle of Beauty" by Two Rivers. Whoop! 

Everyone but everyone is now making Rosé and I have been sent so much I could bathe in it. Actually. Not that I'm complaining I adore Rosé it just makes it really hard to pick a top three! So here are three I love that are doing something a bit different. 

There are so many reasons to love the Waiana Estate, Indian Summer Rosé 2017, firstly it's in the kind of bottle that gets my motor running. A tall elegant bottle with a beautiful dappled punt (This gal loves a punt!), it has a beautiful pale colour & it is the typical Provençal style of Rosé that I adore - bone dry with less than a gram of residual sugar. This Hawkes Bay beauty is made from Merlot and Malbec grapes and will set you back a mere $22

All the way from Otago the family owned, single vineyard winery Wooing Tree have created a Rosé that is typically Central in that it is 100% Pinot Noir but also because behind the typical strawberries & cream we love from Rosé there is also hints of nectarine and stone-fruit - oh so central and lovely, crisp & dry at 2.9 grams of residual sugar. Pick this one up for $27 or $25 on special.

I've done these in order of sweetness rather than price this time around and the sweetest of the three is the Spade Oak Voysey Rosé 2015 (a slight aged Rosé - interesting) from Gisborne is only $18 and is off dry with 8.5 grams of residual sugar. It's delicious and oozes Raspberries! Yum! The great thing about this wine is that it's made from the Spanish grape Tempranillo, a grape varietal that loves meat so this is the perfect BBQ wine this remarkable summer season we've been having.

Click the audio below to hear my chat with Wendyl Nissan on the Long Lunch about why I love these Rosés so much and keep an eye on my social media for more great Rosés this summer.