What else for V-Day than Rosé Bubbles


Oh come on now, you didn't think that this die hard romantic Mermaid was going to let Valentines Day slip away without a mention did you?

As far as I'm concerned the most romantic of all drinks has to be champagne, and the only thing that could make that more romantic? Pink Bubbles of course!

Rosé Bubbles is essentially made the way that all Rosé is made, it can be made by either soaking the grapes with the skins on in order to extract the colour or if the colour can be pressed off the grapes (carefully as skins contain tannin & you do not want tannic rosé!). Here in New Zealand you can even mix white and red wines but that's not really that common. Blending is only allowed in France if you are making a Rosé champagne.

Two of my choices are are New Zealand Methode Tradionelles which if you remember means they are made in the style of a Champagne and as such must age for 18 months minimum, both of these winemakers have actually opted to aged their Rosé sparkling wine for two years.

First romantic cab off the rank is the aptly named PINK from Hawke's Bay winery Squawking Magpie, this Rose has all of the hallmarks of a great Rose wine, it's light and refreshing with delicious flavours of strawberries and cranberries and it is bone dry at 2.5 grams of residual sugar. All that for $30 and the bottle looks amazing too with white glass contrasted with black foil & a stylish white label. Impressive.

Cloudy Bay Pelorus from Marlborough is the first NZ Sparkling Rosé that I ever tried & and for me it (as well as it's non-Rosé) counterpart are staples in my wine collection. Cloudy Bay wines are consistently good. This Rosé Sparkling is Pinot Noir dominant and a delcious pale pink teaming with typical strawberry & cherry flavours. Still dry but a tad sweeter at 9 grams of residual sugar this bottle is available widely for only $40. Drink with Japanese food. Yum!


Ok, ok, ok, this one is a bit pricey but if your love isn't worth a splurge on Valentines Day when when are they? If you are looking to really impress pick up a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne for $99 (although I have seen it as low as $79 so shop around!). This is a fine french Champagne with flavours of raspberries and strawberries and a wine with a remarkable heritage.

Did you know in 1803, Madame Clicquot at the tender age of 27 took over running the Champagne house when her husband died, a truly audacious act for a woman at that time in history. In fact the word "Veuve" means Widow in French. Throughout her career Madame Clicout Innovated, invented, and encouraged people to “Act with Audacity". I love nothing more than an audacious woman!

Veuve Clicquot Rose is the world's first blended Rose Champagne and this year Veuve are celebrating 200 years since it's creation.

I know this is a pricer option but as myself and Wendyl say in the audio below, sometimes some cheap & cheerful food but an amazing bottle of wine shared with just the two of you is more romantic and special than a meal at a top class restaurant.

Happy Valentines Day lovers!