Sparkling wines to celebrate the arrival of (our version of) the royal baby


There is no doubt about it Jacinda Ardern is a woman at the top of her field in a male dominated profession and not just that, she is having a baby while in office - so remarkable and so inspiring and with the due date of the nation's baby being this very weekend, I thought what better way to celebrate the arrival of Jacinda & Clarke's baby than to do so with New Zealand Sparkling wines, of course, but I have picked three bubbles made by remarkable female winemakers who are also at the top of their field in wine, which is itself, a male dominated industry. 

So pick up a bottle of one of these beauties and have it in the fridge ready to POP when....our (yes, our) baby arrives.

A mama herself Jane De Witt is undoubtedly the foremost authority on Sparkling wine as she is NZ's most awarded sparkling winemaker. Jane's passion is making consistently good quality, good value wines that are accessible to everyone, and boy does she as the creator of Te Hana, Lindauer Classic, Lindauer Special Reserve, Morton Estate and my pick for today Verde. This wine is from Gisborne and is 80% Chardonnay and is the most citrusy of my picks with just the right amount of biscuitiness. It's accessible, affordable at $17 and refreshingly delish and I'm not the only one who thinks so this wine has won either Gold or a Trophy every year since 2015 at NZ Intl Wine Show,  New World Wine Awards, Royal Easter Show. Woah! When she's not dominating bubbles Jane also makes still wine for Corbans, Huntaway & Morton Estate.... overachieving much??

As I've mentioned before Jane Hunter of Hunters is the official "First Lady" of New Zealand wine. Though born across the ditch in Australia, Jane came to NZ to be a viticulturist for Montana and met her husband Hunter. When Ernie died tragically in a car crash 1987 Jane took the reigns & turned Hunter Wines into the stalwart of NZ wine that it is today. Jane's Miru Miru NV Sparkling never disappoints, for me I get flavours of bread and berries and the bubbles feel denser or more intense than other sparkling wines, in a good way, your mouth feels sparkly afterwards and what more could you ask for the bargain price of $29. Also Miru Miru is the Maori for Bubbles - how more perfect could this wine be for a truly New Zealand celebration

My final wine is a little more boutique, but no less special - just like the lady who makes it. Multi award winning winemaker Jo Gear (and Mama to two little girls) is a remarkable wine maker, particularly when it comes to whites. Her Hawkesbridge Marlborough Methode Trad 2014 teams with flavours of peaches and hazelnuts, flavours I typically associate with a really great bottle of fizz with just the right amount of creaminess. Available via the New Zealand Wine Society website for $36, this is a special bottle for a special occasion or maybe the special occasion is owning a bottle! When not making wine for NZ wine cellars, Jo has her own little wine brand called One Block Wines

So there you have it, amazing women doing amazing wine things, we cannot wait to see the new baby of the nation and pop a bottle to celebrate....I reckon Jacinda & Clarke are having a girl....what do you think?

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