Why Drink Like A Fish, When You Can Drink Like A Mermaid?

Wine is one of my life's passions, only matched by my love and passion for the ocean (hence being known as MermaidMary). 

Here you will find my thoughts on all things wine, my recommendations, my opinions, everything from the wines that are exceptionally good value to those extra special "Drink Like A Mermaid" picks for when we need an extra special wine, whether it's for you, or for someone else.

When I'm not talking on the radio about wine or writing about wine I can be found at wine events, whether I'm pouring wines or drinking them or my favourite past-time chatting to awesome winemakers about their amazing craft. I'm regularly seen, mic in hand, grabbing someone for a quick chat! 

It has to be said I do enjoy a good cocktail too and I've included some recommendations for my favourite venues and events which I love along with some recipes if you fancy trying your hand at mixology at home.

 I feel very lucky to be able to share that love of wine and cocktails with you and am always open to questions, ideas or suggestions.


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We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine
— Eduardo Galeano

My WINE recommendations 

The wines I love the most..

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