SOHO Wine Co - Pink Sheep Rosé 2017

SOHO Wine have done something pretty cool, they have made an amazing wine (nothing new there for the team at SOHO) but this is a wine that is giving back & helping people. 

In our beautiful New Zealand we excel at many things, unfortunately, some of those things are less than great. NZ has one the highest suicide rate in the OECD and even worse this number is on the rise. This can't continue & one remarkable woman is doing something about it. 

Rachael Carter - MD for SOHO wines has seen first-hand the effect that depression can have on a family. Loosing an uncle to suicide  & seeing "waterfall effect" that came as a result of that she is putting her money where her mouth is with regards to being part of the solution. 

Rachael is donating 50c from the sale of every bottle of SOHO Pink Sheep - the name by the way which is inspired by the late, great Alexander McQueen who himself struggled with depression & ultimately took his own life - to The Key To Life Charitable Trust run by Mike King - a man who is leading the way in keeping the conversation going, lifting the lid & changing (and I believe saving) lives. 

I sat down for a chat with Rachael & I was so inspired & moved by what she had to say. 

We need to value our worth on earth
— Rachael Carter

Having had my own journey with depression I am so proud of what Rachael & the team at SOHO wines are doing & I'm throwing 100% of my support behind them. 

Call round to see a friend with a bottle of SOHO Pink Sheep & ask them if they're ok...start a conversation with the person next to you in the liquor shop to ask if they're ok, or maybe just reach out and tell someone you're not ok. 

Let's turn the tide on suicide & stem the loss of suicide.