The Stoneleigh Courtyard

Trudi Nelson (Fresh Factory), Kylie Robertson (Pernod Ricard) & Me    Photo: Norrie Montgomery

Trudi Nelson (Fresh Factory), Kylie Robertson (Pernod Ricard) & Me

Photo: Norrie Montgomery

I have to admit to previously not even knowing that Te Wero Island was a place, I previously referred to it as "the place beside the bridge between The Viaduct & Wynyard Quarter". However right now this little piece of Auckland its kinda the place to be as there is an awesome new pop-up bar just in time for the Volvo Ocean Race boats to arrive.

Wine brand Stoneleigh have pulled out all the stops to make an ocean-side garden paradise in the heart of the city, vine-covered archways, beautiful seating, trees, gravel, grass and even beanbags if you are so inclined (beanbags, great idea in theory, but just not when wearing a short skirt and there is absolutely NO elegant way to extricate yourself from a beanbag) anyhoo, I digress. 


The Stoneleigh Courtyard opened last week and like all pop-ups it isn't around for long,  March 18th is the final day and this garden venue is a prime location for being in the centre of the excitement surrounding the Volvo Ocean Race as it's right beside the Ocean Race Village. 


Pop in and enjoy a yummy Stoneleigh wine (naturally) or a cold Peroni or indulge yourself at the Frose cart (coz - yes!) which is also in situ. The deliciousness is not limited to drinks, as a full menu is also available, which is no mean feat for a pop up. I have to say that if the standard of food is as good as we experienced at the launch then it comes highly recommended from me. 

Last week at the Stoneleigh Courtyard was my first trip but definitely won't be my last, I am heading down there for a delicious wine and some treats with friends next week to watch the world go by before this little city oasis is gone for good!

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