The Aperol Garden Pop Up - The Deck At Ostro


Something kinda cool is happening a few flights of stairs above Britomart. The Aperol Garden is a little piece of Italian Heaven in the centre of the city. This pop-up which is only around until March 16th is on the deck at Ostro is is 100% dedicated to the the Aperol Spritz.

There is no doubt about it the Aperol Spritz is enjoying remarkable popularity, however did you know that Aperol has been around since 1919, almost 100 years.

In Italy the Aperol Spritz is the definitive Spritz, n Italian Spritz always has a bitter element as bitter flavours are the norm there. The other vital element is Prosecco, therefore for it to be a genuine Italian Spritz you should only use this style of Sparkling wine & no other.


Last but definitely not least, the Aperol Spritz is a cocktail which is one standard drink, which at a time when we are moderating our alcohol intake and when drink driving laws are stricter than ever, it's pretty cool to have a cocktail that has less alcohol in it than a glass of wine.

Head along to the Aperol Pop Up at The Deck at Ostro to enjoy your own delicious Aperol Spritz and a platter of Italian delights. They might even let you make your own Spritz if you feel so inclined!

Take a sneak peak at the fun I had at this cool pop-up below.

The deck at Ostro has an awesome pop up happening until March 16th! Get there & enjoy this iconic Italian spritz